Review: πŸ’„Fashion 21 Color Mood Lipstick in Blooming OrchidπŸ’„

πŸ‘ vibrant color that brightens up the face!
πŸ‘ affordable
πŸ‘ no strong chemical or plastic scent
πŸ‘Š slightly creamy though application can be patchy especially when retouching
πŸ‘Š uneven fading after eating or drinking
πŸ‘Š lasts around 1-2 hours

For the price, I’d say that this lipstick is a good buy. The texture and pigmentation is not bad despite it applying unevenly. You’d need a few swipes to make the color even on your lips. If you don’t mind retouching, then this might just be a staple in your kit.πŸ˜‰

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